aboutatte1This website is a place where I write about my work and interesting projects. I write it mostly for myself to sort out my thoughts. When I’m writing down things I have easier to analyse and critizise what I’ve done. Almost like analysing someone elses work. This helps me a lot to get better at what I do.
I want to write everything publicly, just to get the pressure from that someone might read it, which then as well gives me more motivation to write as well as possible.

This site is as well a place where I try to collect and gather photos, videos and articles I’ve done in the past. I’ve been active around different social networks and a lot of my stuff are spread from one side to the other across the internet. Now I would like to gather everything under one address, this one.

Who am I then?
Simply said, just a guy who likes to do movies. I’ve been studying media for about 7 years at two different schools. Even though I don’t study actively anymore, I still learn from every job I do. I would call that “studying” as well.
At the moment I run my own small company which offer different kind of media services. I do mostly cinematography but now lately I’ve gone over to some directing and producing as well.
My big passion and special knowledge in this field is wildlife cinematography. At the moment I would like to do more work in this narrow field.
Beside the filming job, I work as well a bit as a graphic design teacher at the local artschool in my hometown.