Walking With Moose – Part 1

Starting a new film together with Joosep, exploring new areas in Estonia and getting to know the moose even better.
A lot of photos included




The Drone Adventure

Ups and downs and many crashes. Includes 2 videos





First experiences with multirotors

A cheap, fun and easy way to shoot aerial videos. Video included!





Wired interval / timelapse controller for the Sony A7 & A7r cameras

DIY interval / timelapse controller for the Sony A7 & A7R cameras.
Photos of the circuit board included







How to shoot northern lights
A story from Lapland

Last winter, 2013, me and some friends made a low budget northern lights shooting trip to Lapland. In this article we go through mistakes, accomplishments and the overall Lapland mood.






Blackmagic Cinema
Camera 2,5K for wildlife films

Are the blackmagic cameras a good choice for wildlife filming? In this article we go through the different blackmagic design cameras for to get an understanding on which one would be the best one for nature videos.





Which dslr camera for manual focusing?

Which camera is good for manual focusing and which isn’t? In this article we will take a look at the Canon & Nikon dslr’s and an even closer look at the new Sony A7 & A7r cameras.






Moose on the menu – Part 2

The continuation of our moose adventure in Estonia. Bad weather and problems with getting the animals in the right scenery









Moose on the menu – Part 1

A new project! Together with Joosep in Estonia, searching for the king of the forest









Kajakad linnas / Gulls in the city – Part 2

This is the continuation of the adventure in Estonia. Here we build a hideout, go through different steps to approach the gulls, using remote cameras and a 3 day confinement in a hideout






Kajakad linnas / Gulls in the city – Part 1

A new project, filming a wildlife movie in the heart of Tallin.

Head characters