Panasonic Gh5 180 fps / How well does it really work? Check out the video!

I’ve been using the Gh5 since it came out for sale. Mostly I’ve been using it as a b-cam for the Sony Fs7 and mostly only filmed in 4k 10-bit 25p. Recently I’ve been more active on Youtube and due to mostly HD footage over there I realized I’ve been filming a lot more in vfr modes. And one of my favorites are the 180fps what the Gh5 can produce.

I’m not new to the panasonic Gh series. Those who have followed me for a while knows I’ve owned every Gh series camera since the Gh2. During this time I’ve learned a lot of these cameras capabilities. If i remember correctly, the Gh4 was the first camera in this series which shot over 60 fps. I remember the fastest frame rate was like 96fps in HD. I did once use that speed for a professional shoot and was very disappointed. Mostly disappointed in my self for not double checking how to use it properly for best results. At the time I shot a lot of flat picture profiles and the codec couldn’t just handle even the slightest color correction afterwards. So i ended up with a lot of almost black and white mushy looking footage that was really bad looking. After that i shot all the high frame rate shots in a more standard neutral picture profile.

Now with the Gh5 I haven’t really been trying to push it. Somehow over the years I’ve realized that it’s not always necessary too shoot something in flat just for the sake of it. Especially in nature footage I’ve come to mostly correct it looking as close to the reality as possible which in the end then doesn’t make too much sense to make it heavily gradable. Of course you might want to store a more flat version for archive purposes but even when selling stock footage it appears that footage that is a tiny bit corrected will sell better. Must be because of it popping out more than flat footage.

So from now on, all the vfr footage I film for myself with the Gh5, I’ll just use the neutral pp and do as minimal post correction as possible.

If anyone has any experience with filming vfr in flatter profiles or v-log, I would be very interested to hear their thoughts about this matter!

Below is a short video clip i made while trying out the 180fps once again after a long time. Everything is filmed in 180fps and played back in 25p except for the first four clips which was actually shot with a gopro hero 7 in 50fps with hypersmooth enabled. That’s a great camera! :-) it matches pretty well with the Gh5.

The lens used in this video is phenomenal! Or that might just be me unused to up to date still lenses quality compared to the lenses I’ve been using for the last 4-5 years which are all SD videolenses and still lenses from the 70’s.

The lens in question is the Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmar 100-400mm f/4.0-6.3
I think this lens will need a post of it’s own to properly give it credit.

But shortly: It’s a super telephoto lens design for the m4/3 system with a effective focal lenght of 100-400mm which compares to 200-800mm in full frame equivalent.
It’s small with a long reach, light weight and very sharp! What more would you need? :-)

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