Life in Estonia

The busy times continues. Last week I arrived back to Estonia where I’ll spend the whole month together with Joosep and our friends, the moose. A small difference since before is that I’m now an Estonian e-resident! It means that we can finally start a company of our own over here. So great news!
Our website will soon be opened for the public and at the same time we will release a teaser / trailer of our new movie what we are making over here. So be sure to check back soon!
An other great thing that happened is that I think I finally got rid of the jello effect that has been plaguing my drone footage since the first day I flown one with a camera. At the moment I’m writing a longer article about it if someone is in need of assistance of getting rid of these wobbly images.

When we are not working with the moose we are building on the base camp. Last weekend Joosep arranged a kind of joint effort work where friends and neighbors came to help out emptying a barn full of hay. Even the Estonian TV came to make a program around it with lectures and live music.

Here’s some behind the scenes and other photos from last week:

The photos are taken with the Sony A7R and the Sony Xperia z2. Can you guess which photo is made with which camera? =)












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