Website changed from custom design to wordpress theme

northernlights1Photo by Atte Henriksson

Originally I created this website as a platform where I could test, play around and try out different ways to code websites. This was a way to keep up my coding knowledge in an interesting way. I’ve been quite busy with different jobs here and there, and my time to code for fun has more or less run out. That’s why I decided to give WordPress a try.
I would say it works quite well at the moment. Some small complications with linking posts and pages has occurred, but that seems to be ordinary life over here. At least based on the countless forums I’ve researched.

The idea of changing to WordPress is for me to have more time updating the content rather than playing around with the code. I hope as well that by making updating easier, I would do it more frequently both from home and from some more remote locations, like the one above.

Enjoy your stay!

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