Hyviksis new music video released!

In the end of the summer I got asked to make the color correction and grading for the band, Hyviksis new single. At that time I hadn’t actually done that much grading before and I took it as a nice opportunity to experiment around. The basic difference (as far as I’ve understood) between color correcting and grading, is that when you’re doing the correction your are mostly balancing and matching the shots whilst when you’re grading your are more applying a style & mood.

I might had been a bit confused doing the job since there were so many new tools and toys to play around with. Thankfully one of the band members came down to my studio for giving his views on the job. Together we then shaped it to our liking.

I realized how easily it is to overdo grading. The longer time I was grading in a row the more blind I got. After a while I started to turn everything up, making it crazier and crazier, and in the end it was just a mess of contrast and colors. Time outs, breaks, sleep and a pair of fresh eyes seems to be the best way to keep the grading reasonable.

Here’s the bands facebook page

And here’s the video, Enjoy!


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