Signs of spring 1
Common Crane

Today I went for some scouting nearby my hometown . My aim was to find Whooper Swans. I know of one old nest of theirs which I went to check out. The nest was still untouched after the winter so I continued walking around a bit. When nothing interesting happened I decided to go back to my car. That’s when I started to hear a nice sound, a promise of the coming spring.

A Common Crane started to circle around the lake while emitting it’s flight sound. I hid myself as well as possible and after a couple of rounds the bird landed on the opposite of the lake. As my intention was scouting, I didn’t have any cinema camera with me, only my Sony A7r and a Canon FD 50-300mm lens. The distance was pretty long and the photo’s didn’t turn out that great, but still something.

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